Pal Hajas

Dr. Pal Hajas, CSc/PhD Hungarian, agriculture and rural development expert, hon. Professor at the Hungarian Debrecen University and the Romanian Banat University, with 20 years FAO-UN field experiences in developing countries. He has 13 years experiences in developing local and regional strategies, management of LEADER LAGs, active in national and European rural and LEADER networks, including ten years involvement in ELARD. Since 2006, he is chairman of LAG Cserhatalja, Kozard, Hungary and since 2015 member of the EU Rural Networks Assembly in Brussels and the LEADER/CLLD permanent sub-group. In Hungary he is member of the Agricultural Council, a government advisory forum. Former President of the Danubian Alliance for Preservation of Animal Breeds and since 2003 he is board member of the European Agricultural (SAVE) Foundation. Besides rural issues, he is expert in rural tourism and rural gastronomy, and strong supporter of rural villages. In 2017, he was selected as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Hungary. Author of seven agri-livestock books and numerous publications. Interested in agricultural innovation and promote impressionist paintings. Speaks Hungarian, English, French, Russian and Italian languages.