Mihail Caraman

Caraman Mihail is an active member of the LAG ”Steaua Bugeac”, as a business representative, and he is also a member of the LAG Management Board. He has 10 years of experience in beekeeping. During these years he managed to grow his business from a hobby to a profitable business. At the moment he owns 300 beehives that ensure a steady annual income. In 2018, he participated in the Small Grants Competition organized by the Steaua Bugeac LAG and supported the purchase of a trailer for the efficient transport of the apiary to different seasonal melliferous plants. Due to the efficient transport of the apiary, the 2018 harvest increased by 20%. As a member of the LAG, he received various trainings and work visits in the country but also abroad, and he also participated in experience exchange activities.

        His vision for the future is to create the beekeepers’ association within the „Steaua Bugeac” LAG, which will aim to train new beekeepers to start up in this business, but also to market apiculture products at a convenient price for producers, establish cooperation relations with other associations in the country and also abroad.