Ana Cerneva

Ana Cerneva – coach, local facilitator, mentor, trainer, event manager, expert in local development, project coordinator. She has contributed to the creation of 7 Local Action Groups from Republic of Moldova: ”ECO Duz Ialpugel”, ”Cișmeaua Sudului”, ”Steaua Bugeac”, ”Calea Dropiei”, ”Valea Cuboltei”, ”33 Fords”. Her experience include activities in the domain of local development in both rural and urban settlements on the territory of Republic of Moldova, including on the left bank of Dniestr and contributing at the initiation of many regional and international partnerships. She organized and coordinated many events at international level, aiming to promote the LEADER approach. She was invited to participate as a speaker at both national and international seminaries, conferences and forums (Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Poland) in the cultural domain and in local development’s complex approaches. Since 2019 she is the executive director of the National LEADER Network of the Republic of Moldova.